Henry's contribution Condos found during September 2016

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Henry's contribution Condos found during September 2016

Post by henryp on Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:09 pm

Condominium links found.

www.hoaspace.com/index.htm  has many useful features, but looks a bit dated

www.condocommunities.com/#home  has a nice modern look to it but is bit pricier

 www.condomanager.com/index.asp  (Canadian)

 www.evercondo.com/en/products/condo-management features shown in Boyd's contribution.

www.monthli.com/ home owners association  free this was good but only available in the USA.

www.blockman.co.uk/features (the only UK company)  lisence fee £1500 + £99 a month for 250 units.

Other links.





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